​DRAW WINNERS – July 2017

1st Prize: No. 81 Anita Prosser

2nd prize: no. 83 Ian Morgan

3rd prize: no. 95 Tracey Bradford

4Th Prize No. 17 George Lowson

DRAW WINNERS – January 2017

1st Prize: No. 5 Eileen Dawkins

2nd prize: no. 116 Hazel Butland

3rd prize: no. 46 Barbara Anning

4Th Prize No. 76 Shirley Rendell

DRAW WINNERS –February 2017

1st Prize: No. 63 Mr & Mrs Kings - Welton

2nd prize: No. 95 Tracey Bradford

3rd prize: no. 65 Sandra Fry

4th Prize No. 49 Phyliss Franklyn

Draw Winners March 2017

1st Prize No. 105 John-Roy Hill

2nd Prize No. 4 Lorraine Beeley

3rd Prize No. 73 Wendy Wroe

4th Prize No. 99 Terry Pearce

Mary Tavy Coronation Hall
100 Club

Win Cash Prizes for only £1 a month (£12 a year) Numbers are drawn at the monthly Committee Meeting All income after deduction of prizes goes towards the maintenance and improvement of the Coronation Hall.

DRAW WINNERS –April 2017

1st Prize: No. 101 Doreen Cossens

2nd prize: No. 108 Alison Cartwright

3rd prize: no. 92 Martin Bradford

4th Prize No. 18 Jane Diaz​


1st Prize: No. 7 Frank Ward

2nd prize: no. 112 Jane Jordan

3rd prize: no. 77 Margaret Tucker

4Th Prize No. 22 Lorraine Burrell

DRAW WINNERS – June 2017

1st Prize: No. 46 Barbara anning

2nd prize: No. 63 Mr & Mrs kings--Welton

3rd prize: no. 40 kathi Sanderson

4th Prize No. 88 Alistair Grindey