December and along with the Christmas tree and the mince pies, we now have the very lovely tradition of listening to the Mary Tavy Primary School choir.  There were fewer of them this year and fewer of our members as well due to inevitable 'bugs' that are circulating.  The twenty children that came sang beautifully, both new and traditional songs, they are a great credit to the school, the village and their dedicated choir mistress.  After the children had been thanked and rewarded with chocolates and a drink of squash they set off back to school, well wrapped up against the cold wind.  We then settled down to more musical entertainment from Brian Burley.  Brian had asked before coming what music we would like and with no-one preferring one thing to another, Brian had a very wide choice to cover!  Which he did admirably with a bit of Frank Sinatra, music from the shows, jazz and Daniel O'Donnell finishing with a bit of Christmas.  Brian also played the saxophone and the guitar so we really had a lovely musical afternoon.

Bev Ross and Jane Williams served tea and we then endeavoured to settle down to business.

We had received an email from a well known and much liked W.I. lady from St. Stephen's in East Cornwall, Val Bugden-Causey. Val is suffering from an untreatable cancer and with huge courage she is funding raising for research at Derriford, a magnificent £30,000 has been raised so far and research has started.  Her sense of humour remains undimmed.

The Christmas trees in the church have been decorated and we look forward to seeing them.

Details of various WI events were read out, none required decisions until next month.

Names were taken for the quiz evening being hosted by Tor and Tavy, a popular event.

Two ladies joined us for the meeting and we hope that they will join our institute, we are unusual these days in that we meet in the afternoon but that can be good for people who have other commitments in the evening,or at this time of year, do not want to drive after dark. We are a small friendly group and welcome new members.

The raffle was won by Jackie Garland.

Our next meeting is on 10th January, 2019 at 2pm in the Coronation Hall and the speaker is Susan Wray who is a hypnotherapist.

We wish you a happy New Year!

Barbara Weeks.